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Yes. The terrain and the instructors can adapt to all levels. It’s the opportunity to discover ice driving and to learn a great deal courtesy of the intensive days (3 hours of driving per day).  Watch our video to get an insight into the adventure: http://msdrive-laponie.com/en/video-2/

We limit the number of people to 20 to enable you to develop and progress quickly.  There are two drivers per vehicle, which allows you to drive for 3 hours per day

We have prepped BMW 330 CI E46 with 253hp, all rear-wheel drive of course. High-performance vehicles, perfectly suited to Finnish rally tracks.  Easy to get to grips with for beginners, but allows more seasoned drivers to test their limits. The vehicles are equipped with studded competition tyres (395 studs per tyre, 7mm protrusion). They can be driven at a high speed while maintaining a strong grip when braking and positioning the car

It is worth noting that, most of the time, you will be accompanied by an instructor.  In the vast majority of cases, they can anticipate and rectify “mistakes”.  However, nothing is foolproof and an incident can occur when you are driving.  This is why we offer the Zen driving pass and the Zen + driving pass.  This serves as comprehensive damage coverage.   The Zen driving pass allows to limit the excess amount to €1500.  The Zen + pass permits a damage waiver up to €500. If you select the driving pass without insurance then you will be responsible for actual damages in the event of an accident

Yes, you will be accompanied by an instructor who will advise you, help you progress and ensure the smooth running of the session. You will also have the opportunity to progress alone in the vehicle if you wish

Yes, as ice driving is an ideal and quality solution for learning to slide.  You will learn a lot about driving techniques. As a result you will feel more at ease on the track whatever the conditions, to go and push the boundaries

Technical undergarments, ski clothing and shoes.  MS DRIVE will provide helmets However, you can provide your own as long as it is fitted with a rally intercom.  You will receive an email summarising all of the equipment that you will need to bring to take part in the course


The process is simple. Go to the section “create your course” then “dates and prices” and click on the “registration form” or click on the following link: https://msdrive-laponie.com/en/registration-lapland-internship-experience/. Fill in all the fields and submit. You will then receive a confirmation email.  We will get in touch with you within 2 days of receiving your form. You will then receive an email with the payment procedure. The course will be confirmed once the payment is received in full


There are two separate payments: the driving part to be paid by transfer or cheque to MS DRIVE. A 50% deposit is required upon booking.  The balance is to be paid by 1st October. You can also pay the full amount upon booking. As for the accommodation part, the total payment is to be made upon booking to LAPLAND SAFARI by transfer only. All the information and the procedure are sent to you by email


We take care of everything.  When booking your driving course, you must also book your accommodation package. This includes: accommodation in a four-star hotel, lunches at  the track, dinners, closing party, airport transfers (depending on your arrival and departure times) and track, as well as the provision of cold weather gear

Of course, we offer 2 stay passes. The first is for a single driver. The second allows the driver to come with a companion.   This driver + companion pass includes accommodation and dinners

The person accompanying you can take part in activities throughout the stay.  Several types of activities are on offer for discovering this part of Lapland. They can be found on the dedicated page: http://msdrive-laponie.com/en/optional-activities/ The booking of optional activities is to be done via MS DRIVE 10 days maximum before your departure. Your companion may spend the day at the track if they wish. They may even be a passenger on some occasions

Dinner is planned at the hotel for the first evening. As for the last dinner, you will attend the closing party.   It begins with a visit to an ice village. You will then be dropped off at a private chalet located in forest on the edge of a frozen lake.   You will have the chance to relax in a superb traditional sauna before the meal.  For those of you who choose the 3-day driving option, you will enjoy Lapland food at the NILI gourmet restaurant


The package does not include flights. We can help you to find the best option. There are several daily departures from several European capitals (Paris, Geneva, Brussels…) For example, there are 3 flights per day from Paris.  Visit the Finnish company Finnair’s website at www.finnair.com A return flight costs around €350. We advise that you book as early as possible to get the best prices

It is a 4h flight from Paris (including a small stopover in Helsinki). The transfer to Rovaniemi, where the hotel is located, takes 1h


Yes and you can fly back with your on-board HD resolution video.  This is the 2018 gift for our clients.  The vehicle will be fitted with a driver and road camera with immediate editing with data acquisition.   It’s an opportunity for you to see your performance from different angles and is a nice souvenir of your experience

We provide the transfer from your hotel to the track.  The departure is at 8:30am to get you to the track for 9am

The days dedicated to driving are consecutive. The itinerary does not allow for other activities (you leave the hotel at 8:30am and return at 6pm. Dinners then take place from 7pm). You will have the opportunity to take part in an activity on your final day, depending on your flight time. Several types of activities are on offer for discovering this part of Lapland.  They can be found on the dedicated page: https://msdrive-laponie.com/en/optional-activities/ The booking of optional activities is to be done via MS DRIVE 10 days maximum before your departure